If your breakfast is sugary, fattening or worse – non-existent – then it’s time for a breakfast makeover. Getting a flat belly is as much about what you avoid as it is about what you eat. To reduce bloating, the main foods to avoid are sugar, wheat and caffeine, as these are the ones most likely to cause bloating and weight gain. So say goodbye to sugar-laden cereals and start your day with delicious, metabolism-boosting foods, like:


The branched-chain amino acids in egg whites kick-start your metabolism, while the healthy fat in the yolk keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Lean protein

Your body uses more energy to burn protein, so try to include lean protein like chicken and cottage cheese.

Milk and yoghurt

According to studies, calcium encourages your body to burn fat.


Put this superfood in your omelette for a high-fibre boost.

Healthy fats

Instead of saturated fats like bacon and cheese, choose monounsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts and seeds (and the butters made from them), and avocado.


This will help your body burn fat, increase metabolism and reduce appetite.


One cup of raspberries has a whopping 8 grams of fibre, which helps to encourage weight loss.


If porridge is the only thing you can stomach in the morning, choose fibre-rich raw oats (not flavoured), and sprinkle it with cinnamon (a potent antioxidant) to help prevent bloating.

Green tea

Swop your latte for green tea and enjoy a boost to your metabolism for up to two hours.